Monday, July 4, 2011

Dotee (pronounced Dottie)

Wiki Defines Dotee: A dotee is a type of small handmade fabric doll ranging in size from 3-7 inches. They have a face, tail and hanger with no arms or legs. The tail and body of the doll may be decorated with various items like ribbons and beads. Dotee dolls were originally created by Dorothy Christian.

I think she is kinda cute although she is a bit of a block head.

I going a swapping group. Although I am not new to swapping, I am new to this group. So I need to build up my score card on this sight to get to swap with not only the big kids but also the better swaps. Rumor has it that the best swaps are closed invite only swaps. I understand this from being a soaper and been involved in some large swaps. It sounds bad, but there are 2 swaps, one with newbies to help them learn and actually see what some one can make and the friends, where you send something extra wowwy not holding anything back and getting a bunch of super great stuff that raises the bar even high than it was before.

So to get my feet wet I joined a few Dotee swaps and some post card swaps. I have another 10 that I am interested in joining. It should be fun. I love having this summer off.

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