Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Books

They have arrived and I still havent a clue.

I will be going up to Wadsworth then to Strongsville to attend a machine knitters club meeting. I can not wait. The women sound really great, and are willing to share their Passap know how with me. They said that they already have projects for me to start with "the Lovely Afghan". I guess this one is everyones first project.

I have also joined Meet ups and hope that a yarn shop will sponser a machine knitting meet up group meeting.

Dinner tonight: Nova Smoked Salmon with cream cheese on everything bagels.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Passap Books

I am not sure how old my machine is, or what was the last year it was made... but Tracking down books is the newest adventure.

Today I ordered Passap Paramedic and the Passap Knitting Machine Textbook for the E-6000. I had to order these from 2 different yarn shops. They both were unavailable though

This is already getting expensive and I havent even purchased any yarn for myself that I like.
I am going to need to borrow a VCR too.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Passap E6000

Happy New Year, and now I have time to play with my "new to me" Passap E6000

Hopefully this is going to become my Passap Diary. Well until I figure this out..... and master it. Oh and I do have my eye on a Gearhart sock knitting machine and an embriodery machine too. Then who knows what way the creative wind will take me. This has been a year of big gifts for myself.... most of them were the right place at the right time... like the kiln, serger and a consew.

Goal: to knit Norwegian sweaters for my family and myself.... and knit fairs isle socks too.

Background: I purchased this off of craigslist for with lots of attachments, Hague linker, 1000's of pattern books and a hundred cones of yarn, various un natural fibers in colors that I would never wear. It is ok, I need a lot of yarn to practice with before I buy beautiful pricey, natural fibers in earthy colors. The niece Rita of the very elderly woman Martha sold it all to me because I was going to use it myself, and not eBay it off. The elderly woman Martha is now in a nursing home, although she lived 2 blocks from my father. Was it being at the right place at the right time, or was it meant to be? Rita feels that it was meant to be.

Day 1: Found the VCR tapes for the machine, and dug out the VCR Player. Hooked it up and it is not working. The tracking is off and the picture looks like scrambled porn. Called Jamie (can fix anything electronic)... he said that it needs to be cleaned. This has not been used in years.

So I will continue to clean the passap with a can of air until I know better. I have 3 bottles of oil for it, in LDPE bottles with yorker caps, ready to go. Now I sit and wonder what is on the video and if I can get one that has been converted to DVD.

I feel like a kid on Christmas morning with a new toy, but no one thought to get batteries.