Monday, July 4, 2011

Back in the Creative Saddle

Modified tampon case/wallet to become a stitching kit. it fits and Altoids sized tin in one size and a pair of crane embroidery scissors on the other. plus lot of room for needles and pins. I keep this on my desk do I can chat online and keep my ADHD fingers busy.

Another small wallet. made on impulse with bits and pieces of ribbon I found. I love this rose fabric. "Joann Fabric Exclusive" I wish thay would bring this one back with the brown background.

A rug mug.... seems silly and excessive. Well actually this is great since this summer is so hot and humid... keeping a cold drink by the computer would make a puddle. I think the Giant sized coaster works great not only to absorb all of the condensation but big enough to have a can of soda and a glass on. I guess people will place their snacks on it too. I don't need snacks until I can get back into to those size 5 jeans.

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