Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Soaper's Apron

This is my new favorite Apron. It is long and has full coverage for major soap spills. There are no pockets in the front, so if you have a soaping spill, yourpockets will not fill up with hot soap.

I started with a simplicity pattern 5201, and made one. Well I didnt like how it hung, the neck needed revision and the sides layed odd. So I made the straps thicker, Made the neck a high square and took it in 4 inches. Next one I will be making more changes to make the back and sides lay flatter. I can not believe people actually got paid to draft this one. Anyone making this pattern... make it 2 sizes smaller than you think you will need.

The fabric drying next to the apron on the line is going to be more of these designs. I have promised a few girlfriends I would make them one. They like how it covers and that if you have a spill, there are no knots to untie since bows come loose.

Monday, May 28, 2007

boys of mine

Yes I made these guys too!
My little Ham Peanut and his baby brother Cranky Hank

Green Spots

My green polka dot bag. I have enough to make one more just like it. I still need to tack down the lining on the bottom. But I love it with the fun lining.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Aprons Aprons Aprons

My Mendhi Apron. When I set out to make an apron, I thought what would I really want in an apron that I would wear. Well it would need lots of pockets. This one has 14... ok a little over kill. But it would also need to reflect my funky bohemian tastes.

I have been sewing a lot lately. I really need to make soap and put the sewing on the back burner.

Today's fabric find


I just made these pot holders... although I do think that the silicone ones are great. But these are prettier. I just love this fabric.

Full Moon Soap

Full Moon Soap

This is one of my Most favorite soaps to use in the shower. It is scented with vetyver.
I just love the colors of the swirl in this one.

This is how I feed my family

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Basket of Berries

basket of berries
these cute little fabric berries
topped with a yo-yo and a button.
Perfect little pin cushions
this basket will soon overfloweth
quick and easy to make
projects that use the scraps of fabric

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


We will miss you.