Thursday, February 5, 2009

Seeds for the Garden

Oh how I love my odd little garden filled with heirlooms and things you cannot find at the stores or markets in central Ohio. I cut & paste the list from my receipts and left the prices. That is the first thing I would want to know and to look at the pictures. This year I am going to try to be good about saving seeds.

Seeds for 2009

Territorial Seed Company
French Nicoise Blend - 4 grams $4.35
Super Gourmet Blend Lettuce - 4 grams $3.60
Tangy Mesclun Blend - 4 grams $4.45
Wild Garden Lettuce Mix Organic - 3 grams Organic $5.25

Tomato Bob
Siberian (20-25 Seeds)$2.95 USD
Black Cherry (20-25 Seeds)$2.95 USD
Noir de Crimme (20-25 Seeds)$2.95 USD
Green Grape (20-25 Seeds)$2.95 USD
Hartman's Yellow Gooseberry (20-25 Seeds)$2.95 USD
Spoon (20-25 Seeds)$2.95 USD
Rutgers (20-25 Seeds)$2.95 USD
Cucumber, Boston Pickling (40 Seeds)$0.25 USD
Lettuce, Leaf - Black Seeded Simpson (100 Seeds)$0.25 USD
Radish, French Breakfast (150 Seeds)$0.25 USD
Aunt Ruby's German Green (20-25 Seeds)$2.95 USD
Caspian Pink (20-25 Seeds)$2.95 USD

I like to plant a lot of lettuce. It is one of the best veggies that takes little to no effort when you are busy. I like to toss some herbs in with the greens for extra flavor. My favorites are arugula and dill, Basil is nice and so are chives.
If you stop by while the arugula needs thinning or getting ready for a replant.... Bill plants so much we will stick a bag in your car. I have tossed a trash can full of it out.

I heard that arugula pesto is good, but I also like it on sandwiches.

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