Thursday, July 26, 2007

What do you see?

What does this look like to you?
A pregnant woman?
or a
Woman giving birth?
Or something different?

What does this look like to you?
A Baby?
or an
Elderly Man?


nitegardener said...

Definatly a Woman with child!!!

That's beautiful..

& the second one I was thinking the Elephant man though!!

Did you do those intentionaly, Or notice them later?

Awesome E.!!


Botanical Bath said...

This bar of soap is close to three years old. I just noticed it as I was sticking it into the shower.

No these swirl images are really random.... "ya never know what you are going to get"

Beloved Creations said...

how fun. Is see a lttle girl

nashbabe said...

I thought the top one looked like the head of the american eagle (yeah, I know, leave it to me to see something different) and the bottom looks like a kid.