Friday, July 20, 2007

Singer 1910 Red Eye

Born March 30, 1910
Model # 28
Elizabethport Factory
Elizabeth, NJ

My new toy. It is going to need a lot of work, but looks pretty good with a little magic eraser and sewing machine oil.

You can still see it where it is a bit gummy and grimey.
But I just love it! I have always wanted one of these.


Kay said...

I'm having major sewing maching envy!! The cabinet is to die for!

nashbabe said...

fancy schmanzy! and your legs will get exercise too at the same time! I dig that bobbin winder...

Botanical Bath said...

I had made some homemade furniture polish about a year or so ago out of beeswax... and I did go over the cabinet.... it is looking better all the time. I just love this old machine.