Friday, March 7, 2008

Shoes and Boots....

Dansko Fyodora
I finally got a pair of winter boots. I had to think of the last time I actually owned a pair of boots.... I think it was grade school. I remember I wouldnt wear them in Jr High or High school because, well they were un cool and who wants to schleap shoes in your bag. But I couldnt care less about uncool.... I want warm dry feet.

LaGrange Full Quill Ostrich
I really wanted the light green and blue.... but they were all out of my size. So I think pink is a great color too! These took about 2 wears to become comfortable. But I can see wearing these everyday. After lurking on a Bootmakers forum, knowing what to look for.... these rank 4 stars. They only lost a star because of the crepe sole.

Lucchese L4571
I got these Lucchese pointy toe boots. These boots are $$$ but they really are that much nicer and better made than the other boots. You get what you pay for. No I have my eye out on about 3 more pairs of boots.

Dansko Diana..... Very sweet and very comfortable low heel.


Anonymous said...

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nashbabe said...

There are digital tumbleweeds blowing through here...U okay? Hugs to all at your domicile. :-)

Bella Modiste said...

Elizabeth! There you are! knew I had your blog saved some place! Sure do miss having you on the forum...whatever happened with "the bee hive"? Went looking for it a while back, and it was empty...
Jess told me you were going back to school, good luck with that!
~Naomi Michelle