Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Passap Books

I am not sure how old my machine is, or what was the last year it was made... but Tracking down books is the newest adventure.

Today I ordered Passap Paramedic and the Passap Knitting Machine Textbook for the E-6000. I had to order these from 2 different yarn shops. They both were unavailable though

This is already getting expensive and I havent even purchased any yarn for myself that I like.
I am going to need to borrow a VCR too.


nashbabe said...

Can't I just play it on my VCR and burn it to a DVD for you? (Or someone in your neck of the woods for that matter.)

Botanical Bath said...

If you can do that... I will send them out to you tomorrow! I dont know anyone (who is left in town)
I actually have 5 tapes.

If you watch them, you may need to go out and buy a knitting machine.

If you are in the LA Ca area, a guy on the passap list has a Duomatic 80 free to a good home. :)

nashbabe said...

I will ask hubs if he will help me do this...shouldn't be hard. Lemme ask him and then I'll shoot ya an email. :-)

nashbabe said...

I got the tapes yesterday and will get my hubs to the task this weekend. You silly girl, you mistakenly put some other stuff in the box... ;-)

Botanical Bath said...

Sorry, I couldnt find any packing peanuts.