Saturday, June 30, 2007

Piggy Princess Fabric

See the Piggy Princess!

I see tote bags in their future. They are upholstery 54" fabric

Oh I needed more since it was on clearance for $2 yrd.

I live in HillBillyville... so all of the best stuff makes it to the clearance bin. All of my girlfriends who live on the "right" side of town, come to shop at my fabric stores... because no one wants the good stuff.


nashbabe said...

If you live in hillbillyville, I must live in da hood. Only fabric store over here now is in WalMart and they're closing it in January. We had a joanns but it closed, as did our Michael's.

Love the piggy princess fabric...makes me think of Illinois... :-)

Botanical Bath said...

I sent you prom from Da Hood~